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KICCG Strategic Team

Ronald Simmers

President & CEO / Managing Director

 Mr. Simmers is the Managing Director of the East Coast Office in York, PA.

Prior to the launch of Keystone International Capital Consultant Group, LLC, Mr. Simmers joined Signet Group, LLC in 2010 as its President and Chief Operating Officer. Signet became a pioneer in the field of structuring bond and loan vehicles secured by Senior Life Settlements. Prior to Signet Mr. Simmers career spanned over thirty years in the finance sector facilitating over $6 Billion in the commercial & consumer loan industry both wholesale and secondary loan industries. From 2008-2009 Mr. Simmers was a consultant for the consumer & commercial Loan Industries. From 2003-2008 Mr. Simmers was Executive Vice President for Captive Financial Group LLC. & GIF Acceptance An innovator of commercial & consumer lending, automotive finance, and "e" based loan generation analytic system. This was a small boutique software company with rapid growth and sales. Including Direct contacts and the ability to structure Mezzanine and Warehouse facilities. Projects include developing transparent automotive & commercial loan trading platforms with mid-sized analytic companies. IT & loan origination projects included new requirements of the secondary market to originate and purchase loan portfolios with confidence utilizing Macro & Micro Covariates and Regression Analysis to accurately place valuations on commercial leasing / financing and automotive loan tranches. Capital raise with business plan development in the automotive, commercial, and IT industries. Client base includes Banks, Leasing / Finance companies, Funds, Direct Projects, and law firms instrumental in the initial development and utilization of ABS securities. From 1999-2003 FMG Inc. and OFI Inc. Acceptance companies developed to market and generate loan portfolios for several national commercial and consumers lending institutions generating over $80M in loans per year including over $500 million in venture capital projects. Prior to FMG Mr. Simmers owned and operated one of the largest leasing companies in the Mid-Atlantic.Mr. Simmers is a graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in International Finance.


York, PA 17403

Norman Schwartz

Managing Director


Mr. Schwartz is a Managing Director located in the South West KICCG office in Tucson Arizona. Mr. Schwartz has been engaged in the sourcing, structure and creation of capital for business and real estate projects for over 35 years. In 1980, as principal executive of Definitive Funding LLC. & Private Capital LLC, he helped pioneer business finance in non-traditional markets, repositioning the alternative funding marketplace from that of ‘lender of last choice’, to a viable alternative to conventional capital creation. His approach to developing relationships with both public and private pension funds allowed him to build a productive investment syndicate whose main objective was to provide funds for projects that were innovate and provided new technologies or concepts. Private Capital LLC became an early advocate of ‘Project Funding Consultancy’, gaining approval for projects and business that heretofore, could not get funding.

In early 2000, he formed a team of global specialists that allowed for the successful placement of capital into businesses on 4 continents, becoming one of the first ‘cross-border’ lending sources. This international team was responsible for over $300 Million invested in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.

With the implosion of the global capital markets in 2006, Mr. Schwartz enhanced the process of providing funding for worthy projects by expanding the sources of Private Capital’s funding sources as the alternative finance marketplace replaced traditional bank lending.

With the launch of funding provided through a variety of private equity operating trusts, and the creation of Definitive Funding LLC, created specifically to service this new market, Mr. Schwartz completes a funding journey of 35 years and brings his experience and expertise to our new process. 





Patrick Ghere

Managing Director


Mr. Ghere is a Managing Director located in the West Coast Office of KICCG in Lake Oswego, OR.  Mr. Ghere's entrepreneurial spirit began by forming finance and insurance agencies and has been instrumental in developing consumer finance programs in the near prime and sub-prime markets. Prior to the launch of Resourse Advisors Unlimited Mr. Ghere sold his agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Professional Investors Insurance Group, he went on to form one of the first sub-prime automobile finance companies in the country. The company produced over $500 million dollars of automobile loans per year. Patrick over saw all corporate and operations, servicing, marketing and sales to the secondary market. Patrick resigned to go on to form his own company, Auto Marketing Network, Inc. AMN, Inc. was a national automobile and consumer finance company with over 550 employees originating over 1 billion dollars a year of automobile and other consumer loans. As the President of AMN, Inc., Patrick over saw all aspects of corporate and operations and all loan purchases through whole loan sales and securitizations. AMN. Inc. was sold to Imperial Credit Corp, a California financial institution.

Patrick has been Managing Principal of Resource Advisor Unlimited. Inc. a specialty consulting company to Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, Private Equity/ VC firms and companies on market strategies growing company’s and capital raising on a national scale. Significant experience in all aspects of Turn Around Consulting. Corporate problem solver. Patrick’s engagements included as Chief Restructuring Officer for sales, marketing and operations in retail, wholesale and reorganization plans and with troubled companies on a national scale. M&A structuring and execution. Patrick is well versed in structured finance and securitization experience with financing in the capital markets and growing revenues in companies.

Specialties:Partnering with CEOs to Increase Revenue. Interim Management, Sales Growth, and Marketing Strategy. Financial exec with broad experience in all aspects of marketing , structuring and financial management. Direct experience with consumer financing, financial consulting and venture capital. Interested in early-stage startups as well as companies “on the bubble The firm is a adviser to Hedge Funds, Private Equity firms and Financial Institutions and other lenders nationwide. The company helps investors with turn around transitions of under performing companies. A retained advisory firm for structuring capital solutions. Providing secured asset-based and term loans to the middle market. Assets across all categories: including inventory, account receivables, machinery, credit facilities, term loans and debt with equity. National marketing campaigns for growing companies and deploying capital for investment firms. Patrick is married to Susan Ghere and they currently live in Portland OR. He has four grown children and 10 grand children. He and his wife both enjoy golf and leisure time together and with family


Elizabeth (Lisa) Edwards

Legal Counsel

Ms. Edwards an international contract attorney is Keystone's legal councel and a managing member.  After serving as corporate attorney for several large firms Ms. Edwards entered private practice ten years ago prior to joining Keystone in 2018. Ms. Edwards graduated at the top of her class at Temple University in English. Ms. Edwards graduated attended the University of Maryland and grduated 6th in her class.  Ms. Edwards maintains an office in Hunt Valley MD. Lisa is an active Dressage rider and owns and breeds horses.

(410) 299-7307

Peyton Simmers

Research & Administration Assistant

Ms. Simmers is an experienced research and project coordinator and provides the company with due diligence assistance.  Ms.Simmers is a graduate of York College School of Business with a degree in International Finance.

York, PA