Keystone International Capital Consultant Group, LLC.
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What We Do!


Working with Keystone Capital International, we can assist in the creation solutions to access the financing needs of your enterprise while potentially eliminating the need for personal guaranties. We have knowledgeable and significant strategic colleagues who, working with us, can assist you in obtaining debt capital utilizing one of our structured financial vehicles. There exists over $78+ Trillion Dollars that are on the sidelines outside the main stream financial institutions that are just now being tapped to produce finance vehicles that have the ability to meet many of our clients needs. As you know, the government is significantly tightening the regulations on hedge funds, banks, and other entities that provide risk capital. In our opinion, as well as in the opinions of many others, commercial credit will remain tight and very difficult to obtain throughout 2020 and in our opinion beyond. We may have your solution. Though the industries below are areas in which we have considerable experience, we at Keystone are open to discuss other projects that make sense.

  •   M&A Financing 
  •   Oil & Gas Related Projects
  •   Commercial Real Estate 
  •   Hospitality Ventures 
  •   Mining 
  •   Energy Ventures 
  •   Entertainment 
  •   Medical & Health 
  •   Technology
  •   Transportation
  •   Resort funding  
  •   Select venture capital projects 
  •   Asset - backed secured financing

Please know at Keystone we are always intrested in discussing your project to determine if there is a fit!