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Project Finance Exchange  United States Regional Manager

About PFX

PFX is the long-awaited interface between projects and financiers. It is the outcome of informal discussions between a small group of project financiers and seasoned intermediaries over recent years. For those on both the buy- and sell-sides of this fragmented and incoherent market the challenge of connecting and engaging with financing partners has always been a tedious, frustrating and costly task. With PFX it is now a structured, seamless process.

PFX is not another capital, investment or deal-matching ‘platform’ which, without exception, all attempt to accommodate every type of financing. Each financing type has its own unique characteristics. VC is as different to R&D as M&A is to growth financing. PFX is creating a genuine, deeply liquid, global capital market designed around the unique characteristics of project finance and alternative/private debt, with a potential minimum capital pool of $2tn. Further information in our Media Backgrounder.

Quality Control

This is provided by our PFX Regional Managers, each one a seasoned project finance intermediary experienced in the conventions and protocols of the market. They lend the weight of their experience to projects preparing to list on PFX, often led by project principals inexperienced in project finance. They ensure a consistent quality of presentation for the project’s Elevator Pitch, Executive Summary, full Project Plan and the organisation of its supporting documentation on Dropbox or other fileshare service. They support the project in its engagement with the PFX registered financier through to deal closing.


It is free to register and, during our Launch Phase all Enquiries are free. We will notify you when your first free credit is about to be activated, after which the Engage Credit tariff will be introduced to your account (see PFX Financier User Guide). These nominal charges are to ensure that our Regional Managers are responding only to genuine enquiries and not just passing interest.

Raising Project

Finance If you are raising project finance please click the ‘Raising Finance’ tab above. You will be able to find a PFX Regional Manager for your region who will assist in preparing your opportunity for listing on PFX. All listings are free during our Launch Phase. You can also download the PFX Finance Raisers User Guide from the ‘Raising Finance’ zone.


PFX is designed around the unique characteristics of project finance. Using our core coding our service will be developed into M&A exchange (MAX), research and development exchange (RDX) and others. Please register in the Media zone for updates.

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